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“War” is the “Economy”

Posted by Deadbeat on March 2, 2008

The race for the Presidency, especially on the Democratic side, has generated a lot of interest. The conventional wisdom assumed that Hillary Clinton would cakewalk to the nomination by Super Tuesday. Barack Obama insurgency campaign clearly upset that notion and has extended the length of primaries and the net effect has increased public interest in politics this election cycle.

However when listening to the mainstream media and especially the questions posted by the “debate” moderators do you ever wonder why when the topic of the “economy” is raise why the spending on the War In Iraq and military spending generally is never posed as an economic issue. For example, the Friday February 29th edition of Democracy Now, featured Joseph Stiglitz, the 2001 Nobel Prize winner of Economics and co-author of the new book The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict. His book conservatively estimates that the War in Iraq has conservatively cost the U.S. $3,000,000,000,000.00 ($3 trillon). So why haven’t the talking heads and pundits address the war as an economic issue?

Not only does the War In Iraq need to end but a reassessment of all military expenditure. From an economic standpoint, military spending is extremely wasteful because it offers has no multiplier effect. A bomb or a tank or a warship, for example, offer has no use value that adds to the overall economy unlike a road, bridge, schools or levies.

For years, military spending is the “third rail” of politics and has distorted the dialog. “Spending” has come to mean social spending and “entitlements” which both parties want to cut. However over 50% of the federal budget is dedicated to military spending and it has been estimated that 80% of the debt is the result of past and present military spending.

It is clear that “war” is the “economy” and has retarded the nation of its progressive potential and in the process turning us into a nation of deadbeats.


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