Deadbeat Politics

The goal of the system is to make you a deadbeat.

Welcome to Deadbeat Politics

Posted by Deadbeat on March 2, 2008

This is the start of a new blog dedicated to the deadbeat view of the world. Deadbeat views are views not typically found in the mainstream of political thought and expression in the United States. Views that are considered “mainstream” are typically the views of the rich and powerful. Unfortunately many Americans have been made to feel that mainstream politics reflect their “values” when in fact they function against the values of the vast majority of American citizens.

Deadbeat views on the other hand run counter to mainstream views due to events and other experiences and realizations that what we are being told by the mainstream is not true. In other words we are told to live by the “golden rules” that play us for saps and turn us into deadbeats. Now that I am a deadbeat, I’ve adopted deadbeat values and this blogs will enable me to communicate my deadbeat values to fellow travelers who are now living the life of a deadbeat.

As current trends continue, I will not be the only deadbeat as there will be many new and awaiting deadbeats who will need a place to express their angst and anxieties. I believe that this blog can become that forum for all of us deadbeats to share our thoughts and common experiences.



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